Quality Moving at Affordable Rates for Sacramento Moving

  • Time doesn’t start until we arrive at the pickup location
  • After the first two hours, we charge in 15-minute increments
  • Time ends once the truck is unloaded at the final destination
  • Total time = loading time + double-drive time + unloading time
  • Total cost = $50 travel fee + $hourly rate x time
  • Standard double-drive time, as required by the California Public Utilities Commission, is the driving time between pickup and delivery locations doubled for distances longer than 5 miles
  • We never charge overtime fees
  • No hidden charges
  • No extra fees for furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • No extra fee for shrink-wrap and tape
  • No extra fee for moving blankets and wardrobe boxes
  • No extra fees for stairs or long carry
  • Credit cards payments have an additional 5% charge due to processing costs
  • Sorry, checks are not accepted for payment
  • Tips are appreciated, but not necessary
We aim to keep costs affordable while still delivering superior services

How do we keep our rates affordable at Sacramento Pro Movers?

We’re owner-operated and founded by actual movers, so there is practically no middle management or corporate waste in our business. We plan to keep it that way, so we can provide better, more affordable moving services than many of the generic national brands.

Our Insurance Policy

When conducting a move, it’s important that you protect yourself by making sure the team you work with is fully licensed and insured, like ours at Sacramento Pro Movers.
To help deliver you peace of mind in addition to moving your belongings, we’re even happy to produce a certificate of insurance for residential and office moves for a simple fee of $40. If you need this certificate, please request it at least 24 hours in advance of the moving date so we can have enough time to prepare the certificate. Expedited service for $60 is available for notice of less than 24 hours.
Your valuables are also well-covered in transit, as we provide standard cargo insurance at no extra cost to you. This standard cargo insurance covers your belongings for up to $20,000 as they’re being transported in our vehicles.
While we provide all of these insurance safeguards for the benefit and peace of mind for customers like you, you can also rest assured knowing that this is absolutely a last resort and we believe you should never have to deal with insurance at all. We always aim to make sure each and every move is performed flawlessly, with zero damage or lost items. Our insurance provisions are in place mostly to let you know that we take your move seriously and have you protected along the way. Pretty much every professional moving company will statistically run into some problem at some point, no matter how rare, so we think it’s important to make sure each and every move is insured and protected.
For valuation of coverage, we have several methods that you can choose from: